Skype Federation - Connectivity with Non-Skype for Business contacts

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Skype Federation - Non Skype for Business connectivity



To Add A Skype Contact on Skype for Business (Lync):
1. Sign in to Skype for Business
2. From Skype for Business (Lync), click Add a Contact -> Add a Contact Not in My Organization.
3. From the list of available contact providers, select Skype.
3. In the IM Address field, enter the Microsoft account of the Skype user you wish to add.
Note: Be sure to use their Microsoft account address, not their Skype ID.
  • If their MSA has a domain of: or or, enter their MSA as-is. 
    • Example
  • If their MSA is NOT in one of the 3 domains listed above, use format user( 
    • For example, if the MSA of your Skype user is, enter janedoe( 
4. Ask your Skype contact to accept your contact request or to add you to their contact list. Until he or she also adds you as a contact, you will not be able to communicate and their presence will show as Offline.
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