Reset Polycom VVX 500 To Factory Defaults

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If you need to reset a VVX 500 back to Factory Defaults we strongly recommend backing up the Configuration files for the phone.



Backing up Settings and Configurations

To do this you will need to know the IP Address of the phone.

  • To obtain the IP address of each phone by pressing the Home  button on the phone and going to Settings > Status > Platform > Phone.

                    (Alternatively you can go to Settings > Status > Network > TCP/IP Parameters)

          The IP address displays in the field labeled IP:

                     For example: IP:


  • Open up your browser and put in the phones IP Address in the URL.

  • Login As: Admin > Default Password is 456


  • Go to Utilities > Import & Export Configuration

  • Under Export Configuration it should be set to "All Configuration (except Device Settings)" > Export

Make sure the file has been exported. By default it should just save it as "Export_all.cfg"


  • Navigate to the Phone Backup & Restore tab.

  • Utilities > Phone Backup & Restore > Export Phone Backup File by clicking on the Phone Backup button.

By default it will be saved as a .pbu file.


NOTE: The users' passwords are NOT saved in the exported files. The user will have to re-enter their password after importing the files to log back into Lync.




Resetting the Phone to Factory Defaults

  • Reset the phone to Factory Defaults by press the Home  button on the phone and going to Settings > Advanced (Default Password is 456) > Administration Settings > Reset to Defaults > Reset to Factory > Select "Yes".
  • Phone will automatically reboot.


Ensure the phone still has Web Server Enabled and it's Config Mode set to HTTP/HTTPS. The phone may turn the function off automatically.

To do this go to:

  • Settings > Advanced (use password 456) > Administrator Settings > Web Server Configuration > Web Server
  • Web Server should be set to Enabled
  • Web Config Mode should be set to HTTP/HTTPS

Save and the phone should automatically reboot.


After the Phone Reboots go to:

  • Settings > Status > Network > TCP/IP Parameters

Make sure that it still has an IP address. (It should be the same from earlier)



Import Settings and Configurations


  • Utilities > Import & Export Configuration.

  • Choose File > Select the "Export_all.cfg"that was exported > Import

The Phone should automatically Reboot.



  • Utilities > Phone Backup & Restore

  • Choose File > Select the .PBU file that was exported > Restore

The phone should automatically reboot.


NOTE: Once it's rebooted you might see a screen asking for PIN Authentication. Just press Exit.


  • Navigate to Simple Setup
  • Maximize the Time Synchronization, SIP Line Identification, and Base Profile sub-menus

Time Synchronization

  1. If there isn't already a server selected, select a SNTP Server from the drop-down
  2. Make sure the time zone is set correctly for your region.

SIP Line Identification

  1. Display Name:  The Name to be displayed on the phone and included in SIP signaling.
  2. Address: The SIP Address of the Lync user in the format
  3. Authentication User ID:  The login ID of the Lync user in the format 
  4. Authentication Password:  The password for the Lync user account
  5. Label:  The Line Label to be displayed on the phone for this account.

Base Profile

  1. Base Profile: Lync

Make sure the information is correct and press Save


  • Navigate to Settings > Lines
  • Under the Identification section, set Server Auto Discovery to Disable



  • Under the Authentication section, populate the following fields:
    1. Use Login Credentials: Disable
    2. Domain: Leave Blank
    3. User ID: The login ID of the Lync user in the format
    4. Password: The password for the Lync user account



  • Under the SIP Server 1 section, populate the following fields:
    1. Special Interop: Lync2010
    2. Address:
    3. Port: 443
    4. Transport: TLS


  • Click Save


Reboot the Phone

  • Reboot the phone by clicking on Utilities > Reboot Phone


The device should now be configured for Lync 2013 on our platform and be fully functional when it restarts. 





However, if you are getting a message that the Lync login failed, you may need to do the following:

    1. In the web interface, go to Utilities > Lync SignIn

    2. Change the Authentication Type to "Login Credentials".

    3. Enter the Lync username ( in both the Sign-in Address and Username fields. (Leave the Domain field blank.)

    4. Enter the Lync password in the Password field.

    5. Click the Sign In button. 



Final Notes and Tips:

- If you see a Pin Authentication screen, just exit out of the window. There is no need to enter anything in this field. 

- Also, after the phone reboots, it may flash "Time/date out of sync". Just wait about a minute and it should correct itself.

- Lastly, after completing all of these steps sometimes the Web Server mode on the phone gets set to Disabled. So access to the phone from the web interface no longer works. To re-enable it, simply follow the process described at the top of this document in the NOTE immediately following "Access the Polycom Web Configuration Utility".

- If see a little flashing red triangle on the phone, but it still works, that is just letting you know that the default admin password is still in use. There is a way to clear it out, but the next time the phone restarts, it will return. But here's how you clear it:
1. On the phone, press the Home Key.
2. Then go into Settings->Status->Diagnostics->Warnings.
3. Then Clear Icons.

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