Closing a Clarity Connect queue

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The following method of closing a queue is done based on an override of the calendar hours. This will close all queues that are using the selected calendar in the workflow. If there is a need to close an individual queue, we recommend creating a custom calendar specifically for that queue so that changes to that calendar don’t affect other queues that you may want to remain open.

The alternative to closing a given queue is to skill an agent from another queue into that queue which will provide them with the opportunity to respond to requests that come in. This could potentially allow for at least basic questions to be responded to without closing the queue completely.

If skilling another agent into the queue is not feasible or the desire is to close a queue(s) from inbound requests, follow these steps.

Setting a Calendar Override on a Clarity Connect Queue

  1. Login to Clarity Connect Portal.
  2. Click on Routing and then select the Calendar icon.
  3. Select the Calendar controlling business hours and click Override.

  4. Select the date for the override.

  5. Click Edit Hours.

  6. Select from the following options to change the hours for the selected day, then click Save.
    • Edit Hours – Allows a new range of hours to be scheduled.
    • Closed for Day – Closes the queue from the current time until midnight.
    • Open 24 hours – Opens the queue from the current time until midnight.

The hours for all queues that use this calendar have now been updated to reflect the queue being closed and the closed queue behavior will be applied to all new inbound requests. Requests currently in the queue will not be affected.

NOTE: The Force Close and Resume Normal Hours buttons at the top of the Manage Calendars screen take action against all calendars and queues, not just a single calendar. So selecting Force Close will force close all queues in the call center. If that is the desired behavior, then the Force Close button can be used to set all queues. If closing an individual queue is the objective, the steps above should be followed.

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