How to Set Up Voicemail Greeting for Office 365 Users

Irene Barnett -

There are two methods to set up voicemail greetings for Office 365 users with Arkadin Lync VoIP. They are:

  1. From Office 365 Portal
  2. Dialing the Outlook Voice Access (aka Subscriber Access Number)

This instruction will focus on setting up your voicemail greeting from the Office 365 portal.


Log into your Lync account.

To set up your voice greeting for your Lync telephony

  1. Log into Office 365 Portal at
  2. Select Outlook.

  3. Select the gear icon and then select Options.

  4. Select General, choose Voice mail, and select Greetings.

  5. Select phone then, under greetings, select the Call me to play or record the selected greeting….

  6. If you are presented with Go to the earlier version, click and proceed.
  7. Select Dial. This will ring your Lync client. Follow the voice prompts.







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