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Before enabling user accounts for services, the company must be service enabled.  Service enabling the company will identify the services that can assigned to company user accounts as well as identifying the domains and plans that are available. Companies can be enabled for services at the time they are created or at any time after that.  Configuring a service consists of two steps, both of which need to be completed prior to enabling services for a user account.

  1. Service enable the company
  2. Select the desired service plans

The guidance below will walk you through both of the necessary steps.

To service enable a company

  1. Login to EPS as a Reseller Administrator
  2. Click on the company Display Name or select the Company and click View Information from the Account Management section.
  3. From the Available Services section, select the service that you would like to enable.


  1. Provide the information required to enable the service in the services pane.  (In this example, Lync 2013 Hosting Service)


  1. Click Update to save the changes.
  2. The selected service should now be enabled for the company.

Select the desired service plans

  1. Login to EPS as a Reseller Administrator.
  2. Click on the company Display Name or select the Company and click View Information from the Account Management section.
  3. From the General Information section, select Assigned Plans.


  1.  The Assigned Plans pane will appear showing the service plans currently assigned to the company as well as the available plans.  Select the plans that you would like to enable from the Available Plans list and click the arrow to add them to the Assigned Plans list for this company.  NOTE:  Available Plans are populated by the Reseller for each company and must first be added to the Reseller before they can be added for a company.


  1.  Click Update to save the changes.
  2. The service plans are now available to service enable a user account.


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