Creating a new company account

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In order to enable user accounts for hosted services, a Company Account must first be created.  This account will be where the name, billing information and available services information for this company will be stored and managed.  The guidance below will walk you through the process of creating a new Company Account.

Creating a new Company Account

  1. Login to the control panel as a Reseller Administrator.
  2. Select New Company under Account Management from the Actions pane.



  1. From the Individual Services screen, select the service(s) that are to be activated for the company.  NOTE:  Each selected service will be added to the Shopping Cart.


  1. After selecting all services to be enabled and adding them to the Shopping Cart, a specific service plan will need to be selected for each of the services.    The service plan can be selected using the drop-dwon box associated with each service in the cart.  After selecting the desired service plan for each of the services, click the Check Out button the Shopping Cart.


  1. After successfully Checking Out with the services to activate, you will be presented with a series of screens to collect all of the required information to complete the Company Account creation.
  2. On the Sign Up screen, enter values in all of the required (*) fields, and then click Continue to move to the next screen.


  1. For each service that was selected in the Shopping Cart a configuration screen will be presented.  If there are any specific configuration parameters that you would like to add for the services you can do so at this point, then click Continue to move to the Admin Details screen.  Additionally, these settings can be added or modified at any time in the future by selecting the Company and editing the information.  NOTE:  Leaving the Maximum Number of Mailboxes and Maximum Lync Users fields empty allows for the creation of an unlimited number of accounts.
  2. On the Admin Detalis screen, enter values in all of the required (*) fields then click Continue.  This information will be used to create the user account that will be used to manage users in this Company Account.


  1. You will now be presented with the User Services screen.  From this screen (and subsequent screens depending on how many services are active for the company), the Company Administrator user from the previous step can be enabled for services.  If the Company Administrator account will be service enabled, please complete the required information for each service and click Continue.  NOTE:  Frequently the Company Administrator is NOT service enabled and is used strictly as an account to manage the service.  If that is the case, no information needs to be filled out in the User Services screens.
  2. Once all of the Company and User information has been completed, the Finish screen will appear.  Select the checkbox next to I have read and agree to the Terms and Conditions of this agreement and click Continue.


  1. When the new company has been successfully created, the Thank You for signing up for our service screen will appear.  From this screen, click on the designated icon to initiate any of the additional actions specified.


  1.  The setup of the new company account is now completed.  Please see the Support Forums at for additional guidance on creating and service enabling accounts.




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