SSL Certificate Requirements for Resellers

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Resellers intending to white label the Chinook Communications services will be required to obtain SSL certificates to allow secure connections to the branded entry points. For each entry point domain, Chinook Communications will need to apply a certificate(s) for:

  • Branded self-service portal ( for example)
  • Outlook Web App URL ( for example)

NOTE:  It is possible for a reseller to configure multiple domains for the self-service portal and Outlook Web App URL.  Each domain will require both certificates described above.

Acceptable Types of SSL Certificates

There are three different types of SSL certificates that can be used with the Chinook service.  Depending on the type of certificate you acquire you many need to purchase multiple certificates in order to fulfill the requirements.

Certificate Type


     2048-bit Individual SSL Certificate

This is a single certificate valid for a single FQDN only.  You will need 2 of these certificates for each protected domain.

     2048-bit Wildcard SSL Certificate

This is a single certificate that can be used for any FQDN using the specified domain.  A single certificate would protect both entry points for a single domain.

     2048-bit SAN SSL Certificate

This is a single certificate that allows for multiple FQDN entries supporting various domain names.  A single certificate may protect 2 or more domains depending upon the number of SAN entries on the certificate.

Acquiring SSL Certificates

There are three options for acquiring and providing Chinook communications with the required SSL certificates.

  1. A reseller can acquire the certificates for their domain from one of the many trusted certificate authorities and provide that certificate to Chinook Communications.
  2. A reseller can provide Chinook Communications with an existing certificate that applies to the chosen domain(s).
  3. Chinook Communications can acquire the certificate on-behalf of the reseller for a fee.  Please see your Reseller Price Sheet for pricing information for this service.

NOTE:  If a certificate is provided to Chinook Communications by the reseller, the reseller will be responsible for acquiring the certificate as well as renewing that certificate at the time of expiration and providing an updated certificate to Chinook Communications prior to the expiration of the certificate to avoid a service interruption.

Valid SSL certificates from any trusted, high-quality certificate authority will work with the Chinook platform and should function without issue.  In the event that a reseller does not have a current relationship with a certificate authority, Chinook Communications partners with DigiCert and provides a walk-through for obtaining a certificate for use on the platform from DigiCert.

Applying the SSL Certificate(s)

Once a certificate has been obtained, that certificate will need to be provided to Chinook Communications in .PFX format via email to  The SSL certificate(s) are typically applied in 1 business day but can take up to 3 business days to apply after being provided to Chinook Communications.  During this time, customers can be provisioned and can securely use the Chinook Communications services, but they will see a notification that the SSL certificates used do not match your URL / brand name.

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