DNS requirements to use Chinook services

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In order to complete the on-boarding process, several DNS records will need to be created or updated for all domains that you will be using on the Chinook platform.  These records will need to be created/updated by the customer via the Control Panel or support team of the company that is hosting DNS for the domains to be used with Chinook Communications services.

The following DNS records will need to be in-place prior to using the service:


NOTE: Changing the MX Record will redirect external mail delivery from your current mail server to the Chinook platform.  Please plan on making these changes at a time that will be non-disruptive.

MX Records

yourdomain.com -> smtpedge01.chinookcommunications.com, priority 10

yourdomain.com -> smtpedge02.chinookcommunications.com, priority 10

yourdomain.com -> smtpedge03.chinookcommunications.com, priority 10

yourdomain.com -> smtpedge04.chinookcommunications.com, priority 10

CNAME Records

 autodiscover.yourdomain.com -> autodiscoverredirect.chinookcommunications.com

SPF Records

 If you are currently using an SPF Record, you will want to update your SPF record to include

Lync 2010

SRV Records

_SIP._TLS.yourdomain.com | Port 5061 | Weight 100 | Target=dir01.partnerhosted.com

Lync 2010 Federation

NOTE: The entries for Lync Federation are only needed for customers that intend to consume the Lync 2010 Federation service.

CNAME Records

sip.yourdomain.com -> access01.partnerhosted.com

SRV Records

_sipfederationtls._tcp.yourdomain.com | Port 5061 | Weight 100 | Target=sip.yourdomain.com

Lync 2013

CNAME Records

sip.yourdomain.com -> access02.partnerhosted.com

lyncdiscover.yourdomain.com -> lyncdiscover.partnerhosted.com

SRV Records

_SIP._TLS.yourdomain.com | Port 443 | Weight 100 | Target=sip.yourdomain.com

_sipfederationtls._tcp.yourdomain.com | Port 5061 | Weight 100 | Target=sip.yourdomain.com


A Records

sharepointsite.yourdomain.com ->

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