Acquiring an SSL Certificate from DigiCert

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Certificate Process Overview

Obtaining an SSL Certificate for use on the Chinook platform is generally a 3 step process:

  1. Generate a certificate signing request (CSR) and submit it to your Certificate Authority (CA).
  2. Obtain the certificate response file from the CA and complete the certificate request process.
  3. Export the certificate and private key and provide them to Chinook Communications Support.

NOTE: Although the general process is the same, each Certificate Authority will have specific requirements and procedures for processing and approving a certificate request, please consult with the specific CA for assistance as needed. 

Chinook Communications partners with DigiCert to provide SSL Certificates.  The process to acquire an SSL certificate from DigiCert is outlined in the steps below.

Steps for acquiring an SSL Certificate from DigiCert

  1. Create a Certificate Signing Request (CSR) to be provided to DigiCert during the ordering process.

NOTE:  For information on creating a CSR,  please review the DigiCert CSR Creation Guidelines page on the DigiCert web site.

  1. Select the  type of certificate that best suits your requirements and purchase the appropriate certificate from one of the links below:
  1. An email will be sent to the contact(s) on the WHOIS record for the domain(s) specified on the request with a link to a DigiCert validation page.  Follow that link and validate the domain.
  2. Once the validation for all domains on the certificate is completed, the certificate will be issued by DigiCert.

NOTE: Additional information about the certificate validation process can be found in the DigiCert SSL Validation Process guidance on the DigiCert web site.

  1. After the certificate has been issued, it will need to be installed on the system used to generate the CSR to complete the certificate process. 

NOTE: If you would like more information about installing an SSL certificate, please review the  SSL Certificate Installation Tutorial on the DigiCert web site.

  1. After installing the certificate on the server where the CSR was created, export the certificate to a .PFX file and send it to Chinook Communications Support (

NOTE:  For guidance on importing and exporting SSL certificates, please review How to Import and Export SSL Certificates on the DigiCert web site.

  1. Please allow 3 business days for Chinook Communications to apply the certificate after it has been submitted.

 The process above will need to be repeated when the certificate is set to expire, with a new certificate provided to Chinook Communications prior to the expiration date in order to maintain uninterrupted service.

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