Configuring a TC-O365 Unified Messaging Dial Plan

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In order to complete the on-boarding process for the Chinook Communications TC-O365 solution, Unified Messaging must be configured by the customer for their account on the Office 365 platform.  This configuration includes the following items:

  1. Create a UM Dial Plan
  2. Configure the UM Dial Plan
  3. Enable the O365 accounts for Unified Messaging and assign a Dial Plan

The steps below will guide you through the process of enabling Unified Messaging for your Office 365 Tenant and accounts.

Create a UM Dial Plan

  1. Login to the O365 portal (
  2. Click on the Admin link, then select Exchange.


  1. From the Exchange admin center, select unified messaging and click the + sign to add a new UM dial plan.


  1. Provide the following information in the new UM dial plan dialog box, then click Save.
    • Name: <<Provide a descriptive name for the dial plan>>
    • Extension Length: 10
    • Dial Plan Type: SIP URI
    • Audio Language: English
    • Country Code: 1


  1. The new UM dial plan has now been created.

Configure the UM Dial Plan

  1.  From the Exchange admin center | unified messaging select the UM Dial Plan created in the previous step and click the edit icon.


  1.  Select configure from the UM Dial Plan description dialog box.


  1.  The configuration options for the selected UM Dial Plan should now be displayed.  There are several tabs on the left side of the screen that that you will need to provide configuration information for.  The following steps will outline the changes necessary for each of the sections.  NOTE: If no specific settings are provided for a field, the default values should be retained.
    • General
    • Dial Codes
    • Outlook Voice Access
    • Settings
    • Dialing Rules
    • Dialing Authorization
    • Transfer & Search


    • No changes are required for the General section.  This is an informational summary of the UM Dial Plan.

Dial Codes

    • Country/Region code: 1


Outlook Voice Access

    • E164 routing numbers for your SIP server: <<Enter the OVA phone number provided to you in the format +1xxxxxxxxxx>>
    • Outlook Voice Access numbers: <<Leave blank>>



    • Primary way to search for names: <<Select the preferred method for your company>>
    • Secondary way to search for names:  <<Select the preferred method for your company>>
    • Audio Codec: MP3
    • Operator extension: <<The 10 digit DID for the person you would like to have as the Operator>>


 Dialing Rules

    1. From the Dialing Rules tab, select the + sign from the In-country/region dialing rules to create a new dialing rule.
    2. Create a new dialing rule with the following settings, then click OK to save.
      • Name: <<Provide a descriptive name for the dial plan>>
      • Number Pattern: xxxxxxxxxxx
      • Dialed Number: xxxxxxxxxxx


Dialing Authorization

    • Calls in the same UM dial plan: Checked
    • Allow calls to any extension: Unchecked
    • Authorized in-country/region dialing rule groups: <<Add dialing rule created above>>
    • Authorized international dialing rule groups: Leave blank


 Transfer & Search

    • Transfer to users: Enabled
    • Leave voice messages without ringing: Enabled
    • Allow Users to Search: In this dial plan only
    • Information to include for users with the same name: <<Select the appropriate value for your Company>>


  1.  Click the Save button to save the updated UM Dial Plan configuration.

 Enable the O365 accounts for Unified Messaging and assign a Dial Plan

  1. Login to the O365 portal (
  2. From the Exchange admin center, select the user to be enabled for Unified Messaging and on the right window pane, select Enable under Unified Messaging.


  1. Click browse... to find the UM mailbox policy created in the previous steps.
  2. Select the UM mailbox policy and click OK.
  3. Click Next to edit the UM properties for the user account using the information below, then click Finish.
    • SIP address: <<The SIP address for the user in the format>>
    • Extension: <<The unique 10-digit DID phone number provided for the user>>
    • PIN Settings: <<Select whether you want to specify a PIN or have one automatically generated and sent to the user via email>>


  1. Repeat steps 1 - 5 for all accounts to be UM enabled. 

The UM configuration for TC-O365 is now complete.  If you would like to have an Automated Attendant answer and route calls, that will need to be configured separately. 

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