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On-Boarding a customer to the Chinook Communications platform requires several steps, some of which can be done by the customer/reseller through the Self-Service Portal and some of which can only be done by Chinook Communications Support Engineers.

The following steps will need to be completed in order to finish the on-boarding process:

  1. Gather customer information. (Reseller)
  2. Identify telephony requirements (Reseller)
  3. Provision customer company account using EPS web portal. (Reseller)
  4. Provision company users using EPS web portal. (Reseller or Chinook Communications)
  5. Service enable users for appropriate services.
    1. Exchange (Reseller)
    2. Lync (Chinook Communications)
    3. SharePoint (Reseller)
    4. CRM (Chinook Communications)
    5. Migrate existing content to Chinook platform (Reseller or Chinook Communications)
    6. Cutover existing services to Chinook platform (Reseller)

NOTE: Detailed information on each of the steps above will be provided in subsequent sections of this document.

1. Gather Customer Information

In order to provision a new company organization and users, certain pieces of information need to be gathered about the company.  All of the necessary information is outlined in the Customer On-Boarding sheet provided when signing up as a reseller.

After gathering the information in the on-boarding sheet the Customer Account can be provisioned onto the platform.

2. Identify Telephony Requirements (If Needed)

If the customer will be consuming telephony services from the Chinook platform, the reseller will need to determine if the customer will be porting phone numbers, if new phone numbers are needed or if there will be some combination of new numbers and ported numbers.

Chinook Communications will submit port requests and/or requests for new phone numbers on behalf of the reseller/customer.  The following information is needed in order to complete that request:

Number Port – An LoA will need to be completed by the customer and returned to Chinook Communications for submission to the telephony provider.

New Phone Numbers - The reseller/customer will need to request new phone numbers from the Chinook Communications Support Engineers (support@chinookcommunications.com) with the following information:

  1. Desired Area Code
  2. Quantity of Numbers
  3. Directory Listing Preference (Yes/No)
  4. E911 enabled (Yes/No)
    1. If E911 is enabled, a physical address to register with the number is required.

3. Provision Customer Company Account

Once the information has been gathered, a Reseller Administrator will login to the EPS web portal and create the new Company.

NOTE:  When creating the new company, a Company Administrator user must be specified.  This can be a dedicated administrator user that has no other services associated with it and therefore is not billed for or one of the company users that will act as the administrator.

4. Provision Company User Accounts

Once the new company account has been created, the user accounts will need to be provisioned into the new company so that they can be service enabled.  The Customer On-Boarding sheet should contain all of the information needed for provisioning of the new users. 

Creating the company users can be done via one of two mechanisms:

  1. The Reseller Administrator can login to the EPS web portal and create the new users.
  2. The reseller can provide the Customer On-Boarding sheet to Chinook Communications via a request to our Support Engineers (support@chinookcommunications.com) and the customer user accounts can be created via a user import process.

NOTE:  If submitting the Customer On-Boarding Sheet to Chinook for import, please allow 1 business day to complete the import.

5. Service Enable Company Users

The process to service enable users varies depending upon the services that will be enabled.  Some of the services can be fully provisioned by the reseller without involving the Chinook Support Engineers and some others will need to be provisioned with the assistance of the Chinook team.

The high-level steps for provisioning the services are listed below.

Exchange (Reseller) – Exchange services can be fully provisioned and enabled using the Chinook EPS web portal.  Once the user has been created, selecting the appropriate Exchange plan will enable a mailbox for that user account

Lync (Chinook Communications) – At this time, Lync services will need to be provisioned by the Chinook Communications Support Engineers.  In order to complete this task, the support engineers will need to know the following information:

    1. User Account (user@domain.com)
    2. Phone Number
    3. Lync Plan

NOTE: In order to complete the provisioning for Lync the phone numbers identified in the Telephony Requirements section will need to be complete.

SharePoint (Reseller) – SharePoint can be provisioned by the Reseller Administrator using the EPS web portal.

CRM (Chinook Communications) – At this time, CRM can only be provisioned by the Chinook Communications Support Engineers.  For CRM  provisioning requests,  please send an email to the Chinook Communications Support Engineers (support@chinookcommunications.com) .

Total Connect (Reseller and Chinook Communications) - The provisioning of Total Connect is accomplished by provisioning the Exchange and Lync services listed above for a given user.  In addition to the steps listed above, the Chinook Support Engineer will need to enable the mailbox for Unified Messaging.  If the customer will be enabled for Total Connect, please notify the Chinook team during the provisioning process to that the proper configuration can be completed.

6. Migrate Existing Content to Chinook

There are a number of mechanisms to migrate the current content on to the Chinook Communications platform.  The content that can be migrated and the mechanism to complete that migration varies for each service.  Content migration is the responsibility of the reseller unless specific agreements have been made with the Chinook Support Engineers prior to the migration.

Exchange – Mailbox content can be migrated using a number of different mechanisms.  The two most common are:

    1. .PST Export/Import – If the customer is currently using Outlook (or any other mail client that supports a .pst export) the mailbox content can be exported to a .pst file and imported to the new mailbox after a new Outlook profile has been created.
    2. Migration Tools – There are a number of tools available to migrate mailbox content from legacy platforms to Exchange 2010/2013.  We recommend MigrationWiz for it’s ease of use and monitoring tools, but do not have any restrictions in place preventing the use of any other tools.

Lync – No Lync data is typically migrated.  Contact lists will need to be re-created on the Chinook platform if any currently exist.

SharePoint – There is no automated tools available at this time to migrate SharePoint content from a current site to a site on the Chinook platform.  We recommend that customers create a new SharePoint site on the Chinook platform and then manually move content from an existing site to the new site.  If migration services are required, please contact the Chinook Support Engineers (support@chinookcommunications.com) to discuss custom migration options.

CRM – No automated import tools are available for Dynamics CRM.  If a customer currently has a CRM deployment, we would recommend that they re-create a new CRM site on the Chinook platform, export their current information and import it in to the new site.  If the manual export/import option is not possible, please contact the Chinook Support Engineers (support@chinookcommunications.com) to discuss custom migration options.

 7. Cutover Services

Once all the service have been provisioned and the content migrated to the Chinook platform the service cutover can be completed.  This is typically done by the customer with the assistance of the reseller and is comprised of making any necessary DNS changes to redirect inbound Email, redirect browsers to SharePoint and CRM and configure the Lync clients to connect to the Chinook services.  The DNS changes required to make the service live can be found on the Chinook Communications Help Desk site at (https://chinookcommunications.zendesk.com/entries/23355891-DNS-requirements-to-use-Chinook-services).

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