Managing the McAfee Email Defense Service

Brian Hadfield -

Customers that subscribe to the McAfee Email Defense service can manage their own Anti-Virus/SPAM settings using the McAfee Control Console.

Each customer that subscribes to the service will receive administrative login credentials ( as part of the service enablement process.  Once the credentials have been received, the customer administrator can login to the McAfee Control Console ( and configure the Email Defense service to suit their needs.  Once the service has been configured, the MX Records for the domain(s) to be managed will need to be changed to point to the McAfee servers to then be forwarded to the Chinook platform.  Details about the MX Record changes required can be found in the McAfee Control Console.

The attached documents provide guidance on how to setup and manage the service using the McAfee Control Console.

NOTE: You must be logged in as a customer administrator to configure the service.

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