Configuring a Snom 700/800 Series phone for hosted Lync 2013

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The Snom 700 & 800 series of phones can be configured to connect to the Arkadin Total Connect service by following the guidance below.

NOTE: For guidance on the device functionality, please see the Snom Documentation/Quick Start Guide page for all current Snom documentation.


Prior to configuring the Snom handset, verify the following requirements have been met.

  1. Confirm the Snom device has been unpacked and the following connections have been made:
    • Handset connected to the base unit
    • Network cable has been connected to Net port
    • Power cord has been plugged into the phone and wall socket
  2. A computer is connected to the same network as the phone

Power Up the Phone

Upon first boot of the phone, you will need to configure the language and time zone.

  1. Power up the phone
  2. Once booted completely, you will be prompted for a language selection
  3. From the menu, use the Navigation key  circle arrow pad to select English and press the Confirmation key (green check button) to select.


  1. On the time zone selection menu, use the Navigation key to select the time zone that the device will be located in and press the Confirmation key.
  2. The phone should now have the basic settings and ready for configuration.

Verify the Network Address

Once the phone has been powered up and networked properly, it should have an IP address. Use the following procedure on the phone keypad to obtain the current IP address.

  1. Press the Menu key on the right hand side of your phone
  2. Using the Navigation key, scroll down to Maintenance and press the Confirmation key
  3. In the Maintenance menu, select the System Info item and press the Confirmation key
  4. Note the IP address value, which should be the third item in the list.

Update the Phone to the Current Firmware

In order to make sure that the phone has the most up-to-date firmware, verify the firmware version on the device and upgrade if necessary.

  1. Using your PC, open a web browser to navigate to Snom device IP address via SSL:

  1. At the Security Warning, select go to this website anyway.
  2. Click on Setup | Software Update.
  3. In the Manual Software Update field, provide the URL that links to the firmware for the specific device that you are updating, then click Load.

NOTE:  Links to the current firmware are available from Snom or the vendor the phone was purchased from.  Links are provided below for two of the more common models below, if your device is not listed below please contact Snom for the correct firmware.

  • Snom 821:
  • Snom 760:
  1. The phone will download and install the selected updates and then restart.

Configure the Phone for the Lync 2013 User

To finish, you must configure the Snom device for the Lync 2013 user. This can be done using the built in phone web configuration utility.

  1. Using your PC, open a web browser to navigate to Snom device IP address via SSL:

  1. At the Security Warning, select go to this website anyway
  2. In the Snom configuration utility, select UC Account Data from the left hand side menu under the Setup submenu.
  3. In the displayed user account form, fill in the three boxes with the details for the user account an click Apply.
    • SIP-URI:  The Lync account of the person that will be using the device in the format
    • Username:    The SAM Account name for the account above in the format CITSERVERS\SAM_Account_Name
    • Password:  The password assigned to the account above



NOTE:  The SAM Account name for a specific user can be found on the Account Info screen for that account in the Control Panel

  1. After this step, you may get a popup box that asks for your Username and Password.  Both of these boxes are case sensitive, type in what you put in the Username (DOMAIN\USERNAME) and Password fields.
  2. From the left hand side menu, select Preferences under Setup
  3. Near the bottom of the list, find the Lock Keyboard section.  Turn Off the Allow keyboard locking and Keyboard lock features then click Apply at the bottom of the page.
  4. From the left hand side menu, select Advanced under the Setup submenu.
  5. In the displayed administrative password form, enter the administrator password (default = 0000) and click OK, if prompted.
  6. Upon page refresh, select the QoS/Security tab at the top of the page.
  7. Under the Security section, locate the Server enforced keyboard lock feature and click Off and then click Apply
  8. From the top of the page, select the Network tab, the fourth section down will be Time.  Change the value of the NTP Time Server to and click Apply
  9. From the left hand side menu, select Identity 1 under the Setup submenu.
  10. In the Identity 1 configuration page, select the SIP tab at the top of the screen
  11. Locate the Proposed Expiry field and set the value to 600 and click Apply.

snom_821 3.gif

  1. At the top of the page, click Save to update the device configuration.

The phone should now be configured for use on the Arkadin Total Connect platform.


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