Configuring team calling in Lync client for Windows

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In Lync, you can set up a group of people to answer your incoming calls. You can configure team calling to ring you and your team-call group simultaneously, or set a delay of a specified number of seconds.

Note: All members of your team-call group need to be configured for Lync Enterprise Plus or Total Connect.

When you set up a team of people to answer your calls, you become the team leader with reference to any calls coming to your phone number. (You could also be a member of someone else's team-call group, but each leader needs a unique phone number.) As a team leader:

  • If your presence is set to Offline or Do Not Disturb, your calls are routed to the team.
  • If no one on the team answers, the call goes to your voice mail.

Configuring Team-Calling

  1. At the bottom of the Lync main window, click the Call Forwarding icon a037i.jpg , and then click Call Forwarding Settings
  2. Select the radio button next to Simultaneously ring: and from the drop-down list, choose My Team-Call Group.


  1. In the Call Forwarding - Team-Call Group window that appears, click Add...
  2. In the Choose a Team-Call Group Member window, click a contact, or ctrl-click to select multiple contacts. When finished, click OK.
  3. To set a delay before Lync rings your team, click the drop-down list next to Ring your team-call group after this many seconds: and choose 0, 5, 10, or 15 seconds. Click OK.
  4. Next to Unanswered calls will go to:, specify the number of seconds before unanswered calls are redirected to voice mail. To ensure calls ring your team as intended, this number should be at least 10 seconds greater than the number of seconds in the previous step.

NOTE:  You can also have unanswered calls redirect to somewhere other than your voice mail. 


  1. To modify when team calling occurs, click the option next to "These settings will apply:" and choose from one of the options provided. 
  2. Click OK to complete the Team-Calling configuration.

NOTE:  After you've set up a call forwarding arrangement like team calling, the call forwarding icon in your Lync window will have a + sign and you'll see Simultaneous ring is on next to it.

Using Team-Calling

When your team-call group receives a call, members of the team see an incoming call notification with text like Ringing the Smith, Jane team-call group. If another member of the team answers, the leader receives an email notification stating Call for you from +1xxxxxxxxxx answered by Jones, John.

Turning off Team-Calling

  1. To turn off team calling, click the call forwarding icon a037i.jpg, and select Turn off call forwarding.


  1. Click OK.
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