Configuring Polycom VVX phones for hosted Lync 2010

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 Configuring the Polycom VVX series of phones (VVX 300,310, 400, 410, 500, 600) to connect to the Chinook Communications hosted services platform is a two step process.

  1. Set the Base Profile to Lync on the device.
  2. Provide credentials for the device to authenticate to Lync. 

Set the Base Profile to Lync on the device

 In order to connect a VVX series device to the hosted Lync platform, the base profile must be set to Lync.  You can set the Base Profile directly from the phone and you can choose to set it during phone bootup or after phone bootup. You can also use the Polycom Web Configuration Utility to set the Base Profile to Lync on a per-phone basis using a web interface application that is particularly helpful when you are working remotely.

To set the base profile to Lync using the phone menu system

  1. Press the Home/Menu key.
  2. From the idle screen, select Settings > Advanced > enter the password (the default password is 456) > Administration Settings > Network Configuration, and set Base Profile to Lync. Select Back > Save Configuration


  1. The phone automatically restarts and displays the Lync Server Sign-In screen.

Set the Base Profile to Lync using the Web Configuration utility

  1. Obtain the IP address of each phone in your deployment by pressing the Menu/Home key and going to Settings > Status > Platform > Phone. The IP address displays in the field labeled IP:.
  1. Enter the phone’s IP address in the address bar of a web browser and press Enter on your PC keyboard.


  1. Choose Administrator and enter the password (the default password is 456) and click Submit.
  2. From the Home Page, navigate to the Simple Setup menu.


  1. From the Base Profile drop-down, choose Lync and click on Save.  In the confirmation dialog, choose Yes.

The phone will now automatically reboot with Lync set as the base profile.

NOTE:  If the phone does not reboot, you can manually restart by powering off/on the phone. You can also manually reboot the phone by pressing the Menu/Home key > Settings > Advanced , enter the password (default 456), press Enter , and choose Reboot Phone . When the phone completes the reboot cycle, the Lync Server Sign In  screen should display.

Provide Credentials for the device to authenticate to Lync

Once you have set the phone Base Profile to Lync, you can sign-in or out of Lync from the phone.

To sign-in or out of the Lync server from the phone

  1. Access the Lync Sign In/Sign Out screen by pressing Home/Menu and go to Settings > Features > Microsoft Lync > Sign In/Sign Out.

  2. Enter your sign-in credentials in the following format:
    • Sign-In Address:
    • Domain: leave blank
    • User:
    • Password: account password
  3. Select Sign-In


  1. The phone registers with the Lync server and you can begin using Lync features directly from the phone.


 Once you have a line registered with the Lync server, you can sign in or out of Lync from the following location on the phone by pressing Home/Menu and go to Settings > Features > Microsoft Lync > Sign In/Sign Out.

NOTE: Additional provisioning methods are available and outlined in the attached .PDF file Deploying Polycom UC Software for use with Microsoft Lync Server 2010.



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