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Jeri Oien -

The search box is located in the Contacts list, under the Contacts icon, and in the Phone view, under the Phone icon. You can search for the names of people or for a skill (job title), and then add them to your Contacts list, for example.

  • In the search box, type a name, email alias, or phone number. You can even type the name of a distribution group or alias. Microsoft Lync 2010 communications software displays the results as you type. If more than one contact or group comes up, the one who is in your Contacts list will appear at the top of the list. All contacts and non-contacts will have a vertical status bar to the left of the person’s picture, and will indicate presence, such as Available, Offline, and Busy.
  • If your company uses Microsoft SharePoint services, Name and Skill buttons appear below the search box. You can search by using a keyword, such as job title or area of expertise. Click Skill to see others with similar areas of expertise or job titles. Click the X in the search box to return to the Contacts list.
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