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When you’ve found the contacts that you want, you can add them to a contact group so you can find them easily next time. Lync automatically populates Frequent Contacts based on the 10 contacts with whom you most often have conversations. You can also “pin” your most important contacts to the top of the group for quick access. Lync pre-populates the pinned list with your team members.
Pin or unpin a frequent contact to the top of a group

To pin or unpin a frequent contact, do one of the following:

  • Open Lync, and, in your Contacts list, right-click the person, and then click Pin to Frequent Contacts.
  • To unpin a contact, right-click, and then click Unpin from Frequent Contacts.
Create a group
  1. Open Lync, and, in your Contacts list, right-click any group name (for example, Frequent Contacts), click Create New Group, and then name the group.
  2. To add people to the new group, search for a contact, point to the contacts name in the search results, and then click the plus sign (+). Or, right-click the contact in the search results, click Add to Contacts List, and then click the group name.

Note When you create your first contact group Lync also automatically creates a group for you called Other contacts. You can assign to this group new contacts who don’t require more specific group memberships.

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