Record a meeting, view and share your recording

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Record a meeting:
  1. Click the More Options button in your meeting and then click Start Recording.
  2. The Pause and Stop commands become available at the bottom of the meeting window.
  3. Click the Stop button and customize the options on the Stop Recording window if needed.
  4. By default, Lync saves your recordings in Lync recording format in the location: C:\Users\username\LyncRecordings. Click Browse… to save your recording to a different location.
  5. By default the option to save the recording in (.wmv) format is also enabled. If not, check Also create a version that you can publish to others (.wmv) box. This option saves your recording in a single .wmv video format, which you can send to others.  
View your recording:
  1. Click Start, All Programs, Microsoft Lync, and then click Microsoft Lync Recording Manager. Tip: You can also access the Recording Manager from Lync . Click Tools on the menu bar, then click Recording Manager.
  2. In the Recording Manager window, select if you want to view the recording in Lync Recording format or Windows Media Recordings format. Click the appropriate tab at the top of the Recording Manager window.
  3. Select a recording, and then click Play.
  4. If you have selected the Windows Media Recordings format, the recording will play in Windows Media Player. If you have selected the Lync format, the recording will play in Lync Recording Playback.
Share your recording with others:
  1. Open the Recording Manager and click the Windows Media Recordings tab.
  2. Select your recording, then click Browse to navigate to the location your recording was saved.
  3. Copy the file and post it where others can access.
If you saved your recording only in the Lync Recording format and want a .WMV version as well, follow the steps below:
  1. Click the Lync Recording tab.
  2. Select your recording, then click Publish.
  3. In the Save and Publish window, change the name and path of the recording if you want, and click OK.
TIP: You can also publish the recording directly to a location accessible to others, such as a team SharePoint.
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