Understanding Dial-in Conferencing

Jeri Oien -

Dial-in Conferencing Dial-in Conferencing is an audio option for online meetings that allows participants, inside or outside your organization, to join the meeting audio using a phone. Your participants can dial the number in your meeting invitation, enter the Conference ID and join the audio.
Personal Identification Number (PIN) If you are not on your corporate Network and want to dial in to a meeting using a phone, as a leader or authenticated caller, you’ll need your extension and Personal Identification Number (PIN).
Authenticated Caller
An Authenticated caller is a user on the same enterprise as the meeting organizer or federated with the enterprise. Each user within your company can join as an Authenticated caller using their PIN and extension. When you use your PIN, you are identified and authenticated and your name will show in the Participant List along with your role.
Note: If you don’t use your PIN, you can still dial-in to the meeting. However, you will not be authenticated or able to start the call as the leader.


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