Configure a BlackBerry 10 for your Exchange account

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Historically, to synchronize your email, contacts and calendar items to a BlackBerry device required a BES server connection and the associated BES license due to RIM’s proprietary implementation.  With the release of the BB10 operating system in January 2013, BlackBerry 10 devices can now connect to an Exchange email account using the ActiveSync protocol without the need for any additional BlackBerry server of management products.

This means that within the Arkadin Exchange environment, you can simply select Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync as the account type on the Blackberry 10 device and it will connect to the Exchange platform using ActiveSync.  This is the same mechanism that iOS, Windows Phone and Android devices connect to Exchange.  To configure your BlackBerry 10 device to connect to the Arkadin Exchange platform using ActiveSync, follow the guidance below.

Configuring your BlackBerry 10 to connect to your Exchange account

NOTE:  Before beginning the steps below, make sure that you are currently assigned to an email plan that includes ActiveSync.  If you are unsure, please contact your local System Administrator for more information.
  1. From the BlackBerry 10 home screen, tap on Settings.



  1. Select Accounts.



  1. Scroll down and tap on Advanced.



  1. Select Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync



  1. Enter the following information to create the account.
    • Description:  Provide a name for the account
    • Domain:  Leave blank
    • Username:  Enter your email address in the format
    • Email Address:  Enter your email address in the format
    • Password:  Enter your account password
    • Server Address:
    • Port:  443
    • Use SSL: On
                  NOTE:  All other settings can be left at the default values or changed to your preference.



  1. Select the items that you wish to synchronize and then tap Done.  NOTE:  We recommend that you DO NOT select to sync Memos as it has caused synchronization issues for some customers.



  1. If you have multiple email accounts on this device, you can select the default account by tapping on Set Default from the Accounts screen.



  1. From the Select Default Accounts screen, you can select the default Email Address and Calendar that will be used when sending email and calendar invitations.



  1. Your BlackBerry 10 device is now configured to access your Arkadin Exchange email account.
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