Configure an Android device for your Exchange account

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It is possible to configure an Android® Mobile Device  to connect to your Arkadin Hosted Exchange account.  Once the device has been configured, you will be able to send and receive email, and synchronize email folders, calendars, and contacts directly to your mobile device.  

NOTE:  In order to synchronize your mail, contacts and calendars with your mobile device you will need to be setup with a Hosted Exchange plan that includes ActiveSync.  If you have questions about which plans include ActiveSync please contact our support team at

The configuration guidance below references Android firmware 2.0, but all versions use similar settings.

Configuring your Android Device

  1. From the Home screen, tap the Application button.
  2. Tap Email. (This may be called Mail on some versions of Android)
  3. Tap Next.
  4. Complete the following, and then tap Next:
    • Email Address: Your full email address
    • Password: Your email password
  5. Select Exchange account.
  6. Complete the following fields, and then click Next.
    • Domain\Username: Your full email address

      NOTE: If your phone uses the HTC Sense user interface for Android, Domain and Username are two separate fields. The Domain field should be empty. Enter your full email address in the Username field.

    • Password: Your email password.
    • Exchange Server:
    • Use secure connection SSL: Select this option.
    • Accept all SSL certificates: Select this option.
  7. Select the Account options of your choice, and then tap Next.
  8. Select the settings of your choice under Set up email, and then tap Done.

Your Android device should now be connected to your Arkadin Hosted Exchange account.

Troubleshooting Tips

  • If the connection fails, confirm that you have correctly entered your Arkadin user name ( and password, as well as the other settings as noted above.
  • If you receive an SSL error, be sure you selected the option to accept all certificates.
  • To confirm you are using a valid username and password, use a web browser to access your Chinook mail account through Arkadin's Outlook Web App (OWA) site. If you are unable to access your email here, then you likely have a problem with your username, your password, or both. Contact your administrator for help.
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