Configure an iOS device for your Exchange account

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You can configure your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch to connect to your Chinook Communications Exchange mailbox to synchronize email, contacts, calendar items and tasks.

To configure your iOS device, complete the following steps:

  1. Open Settings
  2. From the list, select MailContactsCalendars


  1. Next, select Add Account.


  1. From the Add Account... screen, select Microsoft Exchange.



  1. When the Exchange screen opens, complete the configuration information fields:
      • Email:  Your email account in the format
      • Domain:  Leave blank
      • Username: Your username in the format (NOTE: In most cases your user name and email address will be identical).
      • Password: Your password



  1. Click Next to verify the account information.
  2. When verification is complete, the Server field will be populated.
  3. Click Next to complete the configuration.




  1. Select the information to synchronize with your device.
  2. Select Save.
  3. The new account will now be visible in the Accounts list.

Your iOS device is now connected to the Chinook Communications Platform.
NOTE: In order to connect to your Exchange account with your mobile device, you will need to have an Exchange plan that includes ActiveSync.
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