Error when attempting to send calendar sharing invitation in Outlook

Brian Hadfield -

When attempting to send an invitation to share a calendar with another user in Outlook 2010, the sharing attempt fails with the following error:


This error typically occurs because Outlook is using a cached entry for the person that is intended to receive the sharing invitation.  This can be resolved by selecting the user from the Global Address List (GAL) when sending the sharing invitation.

To select the recipient of the sharing invitation from the GAL

  1. Delete the user entry from your Auto-Complete list.  If you are unsure about how to remove entries from the Auto-Complete list, please review the article here.
  2. Prepare a new sharing invitation making sure to select the user from the GAL and then adding them in the To -> field.


  1. Click Send from the new sharing invitation to re-send the sharing invitation

NOTE:  If you would like to allow someone else to manage your calendar, we would recommend configuring Delegate Access.  Please see this article for more information about Delegate Access and  how to configure it from Outlook.


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