Recording a personal voicemail greeting using Outlook Voice Access

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There are two ways to change your personal voicemail greeting:

  1. Using Lync as outlined in the support article here.
  2. Using Outlook Voice Access

NOTE:  In order to use Lync to record a personalized voicemail greeting, you will need to be logged in to the Lync client as the account that you want to record the greeting for.  This is useful for recording greetings for Lync users but is more difficult when recording greetings for Voicemail Only mailboxes that may not have a Lync account associated with them.  When recording greetings for Voicemail Only mailboxes, using Outlook Voice Access is the preferred method.

This article will focus on using Outlook Voice Access (OVA) to record a personalized voicemail greeting.

Change your personal voicemail greeting using Outlook Voice Access

  1. When your account is enabled for Unified Messaging, an email will be delivered to your mailbox with the information that you will need to access OVA.  You will need this information to login to OVA the first time.


  1. Dial the access number listed in the email from any telephone and when prompted enter your Extension/Number and your PIN from the Welcome to Unified Messaging email.

NOTE:  If this is the first time you are logging in to OVA you will be forced to select a personal PIN.  The PIN must be 6 digits and cannot be a single repeating digit.  Once you have successfully changed your PIN, proceed to Step 3 to complete the custom recording.

  1. From the Main Menu press 6 to select Personal Options.
  2. Press 2 to select Record Your Greetings.
  3. Press 1 to select Record Personal Greeting
  4. Press 1 to begin recording the greeting.
  5. After recording the new greeting, follow the prompts to re-record or apply the new greeting.
  6. The newly recorded greeting will now be played when callers reach your voicemail.


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