Configure an SMTP relay

Brian Hadfield -

Chinook Communications allows for authenticated users to relay mail outbound to the internet using an SMTP relay server.  This functionality can be useful for Scanners/Copiers that email scanned images as a .PDF as well as notification servers and web applications.

In order to send mail outbound using the SMTP relay, the device or service must be configured with valid account credentials on the Chinook platform using the settings below:

SMTP Settings

  • SMTP Server:
  • Return Address: Your email address
  • User Name: Your email address
  • Password: Your password
  • Port: 25 or 587
  • User Encrypted Connection (SSL): Enabled
  • Authentication: Auto
  • Use Start TLS: Enabled


NOTE:  The preferred method is to use an encrypted connection to the Chinook Communications SMTP server.  If the device or service that is being configured does not support a secure SSL connection, other less secure options may be available.  Please contact the Chinook Communications support team at for configuration details.


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