Using alerts in SharePoint 2010

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You can opt to receive e-mail notifications when lists or libraries change by creating an alert in SharePoint 2010. Alerts are a great way to keep track of the changes your teammates make to documents and lists.

NOTE:  You need the Create Alerts permission to create alerts. This permission is granted usually with the out-of-the-box configuration of the Site Members SharePoint group.

To create an alert to a list or library, follow these steps:

  1. Browse to the list or library where you want to subscribe to an alert and then click the Alert button in the Share & Track tab of the Ribbon to open the New Alert dialog.


  1. In the Alert Title box, enter a name for the alert. 

  2. In the Send Alerts To box, enter the names of people in addition to you who should receive the alert.

NOTE:  Organizations and site owners may want to subscribe multiple users to an alert to make sure they get important updates, as well as encourage them to contribute to a discussion board, blog, or wiki. Users can still opt out by modifying settings in their Alert settings.

  1. In the Delivery Methods box, select to receive alerts via e-mail.

  2. In the Send Alerts for These Changes section, choose when to receive alerts.

    NOTE: The options you see here vary based on the kind of list you’re working with. For example, a tasks list allows you to receive an alert when a task is marked Complete or anytime a high-priority task changes.

  3. In the When to Send Alerts section, choose the frequency of your alert delivery.

  4. Click OK to create your alert.

You can manage all your alerts from a single page instead of navigating to each list.

To manage all the alerts you have on a given site and modify or delete them, follow these steps:

  1. Browse to a list or library where you currently subscribe to an alert.

  2. On the Share & Track tab of the Ribbon, choose Alert→Manage My Alerts.

    NOTE: Alternatively, you can click the My Settings option in the Welcome menu (usually in the upper-right corner of the page). You can manage your alerts and regional time zone defaults from this page.

  3. Select the proper alert name link.

  4. The Manage Alert page appears with all the options you viewed when you first created the alert. Change the settings as desired.

  5. Click OK to modify the alert with your new settings or Delete to delete the alert.

    NOTE: Deleting an alert that was created for you doesn't delete the alert from other users who are in the group the alert was created for.

If you're the Site Collection Administrator, you can manage the alerts of everyone on the site by clicking the User Alerts link on the Site Administration section of the Site Settings page. 

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    How can I change Type to a specific date , when i would like to be notified eg expiry date

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    Brian Hadfield

    Hi Siboniso,

    I'm not aware of any way to set an alert on a specific date using this functionality in SharePoint 2010.

    Thank you,


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